Steaks, Cigars, & Hometown Atmosphere at New York Prime

There’s a reason for The Best of lists… Boasting close to fifteen years of the supreme dining experience, New York Prime has earned their spot time and again. From the first time I entered Atlanta’s New York Prime, located in the Monarch Tower, I’ve never once doubted my choice of venue. Every minute detail of my experience, from the ambiance to the fabulous cuisine and workers, has been beyond a simple dining experience.

Honestly, where do I start? Perhaps it’s the aroma of USDA prime steaks with an exterior charred to perfection as it seeps into the air along with a must for seafood lovers in the garlic shrimp, six prawns to be exact, or a newbie choice of thick cut bacon sizzled to perfection.

This gem has proven to be more than a top steakhouse in Atlanta.  The eclectic décor coupled with musicians serenading the customers with songs of the 50s through 70s, has always allowed me to feel a sense of being right where I belong. I get swept away by renditions of Sitting at the Dock of the Bay and Sweet Caroline. Most diners join in the fun, whether singing on or off-key. I might add that another customer with an impressive voice, who has also made this spot his A-1 choice, will often join the chorus. And this fellow has been a loyal customer since a year prior to me.

Imagine entering a restaurant, being immediately acknowledged and offered your drink of choice. In my case, it’s a glass of Grand Marnier. Yes, I’m an old soul, and they get me. I’m typically greeted by one of the most knowledgeable bartenders in the business. Big Steve and Little Steve are always on top of their game with recommendations of libations and pairings of cocktails with a host of phenomenal meals; while Kelli is as beautiful as she is sweet. Not to mention the awesome manager, Bobby, who makes it a point of checking on diners. And he always finds a way of incorporating golf and charity into a conversation because outside of the restaurant, his passion lies in those areas.

New York Prime is much more than a steakhouse, and has been filling a void few find elsewhere. For the past twelve years, I have been a part of an elite group of regulars who value exceptional service, food and setting. Fitting in has been like second nature to me. I see it as the old slogan from Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name.”

My dining has mainly taken place at the bar, unless I’m having a meeting. This is my Slice of Heaven, my Man Cave, so I can honestly say, I’ve never brought a date here. I value the serenity and won’t sacrifice it. Therefore, I am able to claim my place of what I would someday consider a landmark. Yes, New York Prime is that impressive. Boasting seven or eight different choices in stogies, it’s one of the few restaurants you can still smoke cigars and have a meal at the same time. Furthermore, they are stored in a well-maintained humidor. I’ve never had a dry stick since I’ve been frequenting this place.

Keep in mind, if Atlanta is out of your way, consider the Myrtle Beach or Boca Raton restaurants. As for me, New York Prime is my choice steakhouse in Buckhead and will continue to be a staple in my world.